Pigment-causing melanins are produced by activated melanocytes. Research has found that the number of inflammatory cells is more abundant at sites of spots than at normal skin sites. This means that melanocytes are activated by chronic, inflammatory condition. The anti-inflammatory effect of Transamin decreases the number of inflammatory cells; thus it effectively prevents melanocytes from being activated to halt the production of melanins and lighten pigmentation for a hydrating finish.

Transamin is a new cosmetic whitening ingredients, have anti-inflammatory effects, can further suppress inflammation-induced melanin, whitening and fade spots available, make skin white and soft, perfect skin and bright translucent. Transamin for inhibiting the formation of melanin, prevent dark spots, freckles appear has a great effect, can effectively contain the spread of melanoma for ongoing phenomenon, starting from the edge of the removal of melanin spots rallying point, so spots, pigmentation starting from the peri phery, gradually reduced until it disappears. It can also be effectively suppressed already drying red skin darkening, and can improve the spot because pock, exposure, drugs or hormonal changes caused.

Compared to most traditional whitening ingredients, Transamin with high stability, not susceptible to temperature damage the environment and affect the characteristics of the transmission system. It is mild and suitable for blemish, whitening and balanced overall sense of fair complexion effect. In addition to the spots fade, the Transamin can also improve the overall sense of transparency and dull complexion block local skin, the skin has a “rosy” whitening effect.



  • Recognized as the most effective whitening, whitening skin, pigmentation and so on
  • Moisturizing, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, promote blood circulation
  • Reduce the amount of active melanocytes
  • Direct hinder melanoma cell activity, im prove melanin active
  • Anti-aging and soothing effect