deer-frozenMy Deer Frozen Stem Cell can stimulate the aging rejuvenation process, and ensure the organs remain robust and full of vitality and reversing the aging process.

My Deer Frozen Stem Cell able to treat nail play white, poor appetite, taste loss, itchy skin, dry hair, poor wound healing, stress, fatigue, easy to infection, poor learning ability, poor growth. My Deer Frozen Stem Cell able to prevent atherosclerosis, vascular and fatty, high cholesterol, diabetes, Hodgkin’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, alcoholism, night blindness, male infertility, impotence, menstrual irregularities, Prostatitis, sexual retardation, acne, sebum infalmmation eczema, dysplasia, mental retardation syndrome, congwnital malformation, Anorexia psychosis.
Repair skin cells from inside out and let the skin to be more elastic and dynamic
• Cells, muscle tissue and internal organs are stronger
• Improve the nutrient absorption capacity and enhance the process of skin renewal
• Reverse the aging process, reduce fine lines and wrinkle
• Improve the condition of facial pores; reduce the opening of the pores, reduceseum production, promoting smooth and velvety soft skin
• Improve skin texture and color, whiten and lighten dark spots and freckles
• Hydrated the skin and lesser fine lines
• To assist in burning excess body fat and sculpting the body
• Firm the chest and help to increase breaks size for women who have underdeveloped breast
• Increase stamina and energy, improve alertness
• Improve and enhance sexual performance
• Help to maintain a stable weight, promote immunity and prevent diseases
• Improve sleep quality
• Reduce menstrual syndrome and relieve women’s diseases
• Increase the flexibility of the joints and discs
• Reduce menopausal symptoms and delay the menopause
• Promote blood circulation; reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease
• Healthier eyes with sharper vision
• Prostate cancer and diseases
• Help treat fertility disorder
• Strengthen the immune system
• Atherosclerosis

Antlers are a special feature of the buck. It is renowned for its courtship chord capital, have inter and intra specific competition weapon enemy. Global has about 40 species, mostly male with horn (both sexes only reindeer horn, deer no angle). Antlers regeneration is one of the secrets of biology. Professional Price Royal veterinary led and conduct research on the deer, in order to uncover the secret of new antlers extraordinary regenerative capacity, found that stem cell plays an important role in the regeneration of antlers. In the animal world, the deer are the only way to regenerate body parts intact mammal.

The study found that stem cell as an important deer body cell can develop into many types of features and supports the entire process antler regeneration. Stem cell is a cell regeneration in vivo control cells. The charm lies in stem cells, it is a primitive cell. Antler regeneration is to help humans understand the regeneration process model. The poor long-term goal of the research group is to rely on a better understanding of the chemical signal regeneration process antlers courier ways to help people develop new treatments for illness such as Parkinson and ultimately help to repair damaged tissue. Antler regeneration scientists hope to get a deer embryo by cloning of totipotent stem cells by controlling the differentiation of these stem cells, to give people want tissue and organs. The medical profession dream is to be able to use stem cells to repair damaged organs and body for all kinds of stem cell tissue aging supplement new cells and tissues, such as the scientists talked about the prospect of a good blueprint depicting can be achieved.

My Deer Frozen Stem Cell on various aspects of the human body, with the following health effects:

  • Enhance immunity synthetic nucleic acid DNA and RNA in the nucleus, particularly in the white blood cells of the immune system with an enhanced role
  • Affect the immune system of the thymus T cells, enhance production, in order to prevent thymus atrophy, loss of the ability to disease resistance. Thus achieving the anti-aging effect, extend human life
  • Anti-cancer, anti-zinc oxide can make human cells to avoid the oxidation of free radicals. Free radicals are toxic substances in the human body, it will destroy the cell membrane, DNA and RNA within the nucleus is damaged, and produce abnormal cells, leading to organ cancer
  • Enhance the force of male reproductive organs and semen essential substances
  • Anti-inflammatory skin, hair care and reduce sebum production function
  • Promote the development of adolescent reproductive organs and body systems, the rapid development stage, the lack of aminok can caused stunted. When boys, girls appear short stature, sexual organs retardation, menstrual irregularity, or appear knee, hip joint pain, it may be a sign of aminok deficiency
  • Wound healing patch of skin wounds or mouth ulcers, gastric ulcers, there are early healing effect
  • Prevention and treatment of diabetes, insulin synthesis indispensable ingredient is carohydrate digestion and phosphorus metabolism and promote the media, so prevention and treatment of diabetes also have effect
  • Help eye care serum protein synthesis, promoting vitamin A delivery to the eye, and the various organs of the body needs vitamin A
  • Prevent colds stop the flu virus propagation, frequent colds